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Planning Commission

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The Planning Commission meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber, located at 390 Towne Centre Drive, Lathrop. For meeting information, call (209) 941-7290.

Agendas and Minutes:

Planning Commission agendas and minutes are available by following this link.

Current Membership:

CommissionersCommission Expires
Ash Ralmilay 6/30/2019
Bennie Gatto 6/30/2019
Unscheduled Vacancy 6/30/2022
Unscheduled Vacancy 6/30/2022
Tosh Ishihara 6/30/2020


The Planning Commission recommends to the City Council the adoption, amendment, extension, addition to, and maintenance of the General Plan for the physical development of the City, as mandated by State law. The Planning Commission provides discretionary review and approval, as provided by the Lathrop Municipal Code, over the subdivision of land, zoning and land use. Planning Commissioners receive $20 per meeting. Planning Commissioners are required by State law to file an annual Statement of Economic Interests with the State Fair Political Practices Commission.


The functions of the Planning Commission, as provided by the Lathrop Municipal Code, are as follows:

  • Prepare, review and recommend to the City Council the adoption, mendment or repeal of a long-range general plan for the physical development of the City and any land outside its boundaries which, in the judgment of the commission or Council, bears relation to the lanning thereof; Review of the capital improvement program to determine if it is in compliance with the general plan of the City;
  • Review all applications as required by the zoning and subdivision codes, including but not limited to zone changes, use permits and variances to determine if such requests are consistent with the general plan of the City and in compliance with all local codes and ordinances;
  • Prepare, review and recommend to the City Council the adoption, amendment or repeal of specific plans consistent with the adopted general plan; and
  • Such other functions as the City Council may, from time to time, direct or provide by ordinance of the City.
  • In addition to the matters herein specifically referred to, the commission shall have all those powers, duties and rights provided for now or in the future by lawful legislative enactments of the state. (Prior code § 32.26)

Staff Liaisons:

Teresa Vargas
City Clerk
Recruitment Process
(209) 941-7230

Mark Meissner
Community Development Director
(209) 941-7266

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