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Animal Control is an emotionally difficult profession to be in. It can be heartbreaking, but it also has it’s rare moments of great joy. People always ask, “How do you do your job?” and say they could never do it because they love animals too much. Well, you absolutely do have to love animals to do this job because it is about the animals, their quality of life and trying to make a difference; being their voice, as they have none. It’s those rare times that you do make a difference that keep you in this profession.

We try to do everything possible to find unwanted pets new and loving homes and to ensure all animals, including wildlife, receive the help they need to get them back on their feet. We couldn’t do this without the support and gracious help of numerous individuals and animal welfare organizations within and around our community. We meet many a great people in our community who are willing to help, and in a time where funding is limited and the demand for services far exceeds this limitation, we rely on the help and support of others, who selflessly donate their time and money to help our unwanted pets and wildlife in their plight for a second chance.

They say it takes a community to raise a child; well, it takes a community to make a difference in one pet’s life. We have a committed and dedicated City Manager, Staff, Council and Community to help us make a difference. It is these individuals and our relationships with other animal welfare organizations that help us achieve our goals in doing everything we possibly can to truly make a difference. That’s what this job is about and why we do it.

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