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Q:Who can help me with feral (stray/wild) cats?

Answer:The law allows for you to place a humane trap on your property. If you trap a cat the law requires that the animal be turned in to your local shelter. We will want to know why and where the animal was trapped. We highly recommend that you notify your neighbors if you are going to trap to avoid trapping a neighbor's pet. Please call Lathrop Animal Services at (209) 941-7240 if you have any questions. There is also an organization called Alley Cat Allies that is dedicated to managing feral cats by educating the public on trapping, neutering, and releasing (TNR) them to the same areas from which they were trapped. If you have been feeding feral or stray cats, by your actions, you are responsible for those cats. And you must take the next responsible step and get the cats spayed and neutered. Failure to spay and neuter stray cats you are feeding is irresponsible and adds to the pet overpopulation problem. You can visit Alley Cat Allies' website at for more information about TNR as a means of controlling feral cats.Return to Questions

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