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Owning A Pet Cat

Having a cat is a big commitment. Here are some resources to help you with this important responsiblity.

 California Penal Code

Animal Cruelty PC 597 : Anyone who intentionally and maliciously abuses, injures, or neglects (including not providing adequate food, water, shelter, and/or medical care) an animal can be punished as a misdeamenor or felony.

The Importance of Spaying/Neutering

The overpopulation of unwanted animals is a serious problem in Lathrop. Lathrop Animal Services asks that all pet owners have their pets spayed or neutered. In addition, State of California requires that any animal that is adopted from a Shelter is spayed and neutered before it is adopted.

Local Veterinarians:

Animal Clinic – 406 W. Yosemite, Manteca 209-239-4607

Central Valley Veterinary Hospital – 1515 W. Yosemite Ave., Manteca 209-239-2547

Lathrop Veterinary Center  - 17600 Golden Valley Pkwy., Lathrop 209-944-7387

Manteca Veterinary Hospital – 911 Moffat Blvd., Manteca 209-823-1168

Northgate Veterinary Hospital – 296 Northgate Dr., Manteca 209-825-6060

Emergency Preparedness for Your Pet


Associated Veterinary Emergency Services - 3008 E. Hammer Lane, Stockton 209-952-8387

Modesto Veterinary Emergency Clinic – 1800 Prescott Rd., Modesto 209-527-8844

Keep Your Cat Inside to Keep Your Cat Safe and Happy

Cats suffer and die needlessly because they are allowed to roam outside. Sadly, Lathrop Animal Services picks up nearly 100 dead cats each year - most of whom were hit by cars.

Cats are exposed to many hazards outside, such as:

  • Traffic;
  • Diseases (including rabies);
  • Poisons;
  • Fleas and ticks;
  • Animals including cats, dogs, and wild predators;
  • Get lost. Fewer than 5 percent of cats found by animal shelters are ever reunited with their families;
  • Cruel people;
  • Kill wildlife. Free-roaming cats kill millions of small mammals and birds each year.

Make sure to:

  • Keep your cat inside;
  • Identify your cat with a collar and a visible identification tag in case your cat gets out;
  • Play with your cat and give your cat toys.

Cat Behavior Problems

Cats can have many different types of behaviors that can cause problems for their human companions, including scratching furniture, not using the litterbox, and aggression. You can visit Cats International Inc. for lots of helpful advice about cats. They also have a behavior hotline to get help over the phone: 262-375-8852 ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin).

Handling Litterbox Problems

  • Spay and neuter your cat;
  • Use one litterbox per cat plus one. Every cat in your house should have its own litterbox and have an extra one;
  • Clean the litterbox DAILY! Cats often will not use a litterbox when it is dirty;
  • Place litterboxes in a quiet, private place that is easy to get to. It should not be placed near a washing machine, furnace, under stairs, or near where children play;
  • Place one litterbox on each floor of the house;
  • Keep litterboxes in the same place once the cat begins using them;
  • Place litterbox away from food and water dishes;
  • Praise your cat for using the litterbox. If the cat does not use it, do not punish the cat. Instead, determine what might be wrong with the litterbox, including if it is in the wrong location, if it is dirty or if there are not enough litterboxes.
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