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Enforce City and State Laws Relating to Animals

Most commonly used Lathrop Ordinances as they relate to animals - There are many others.

  • LMC 6.12.180 Dog License Required
  • LMC 6.12.140 Rabies Vaccine Required
  • LMC 6.12.050 Dogs Prohibited From Running Loose
  • LMC 6.12.070 Dogs Must Be Securely Confined to Owners Property
  • LMC 6.32.110 Animals Not To Be Public Nuisances, i.e. excessive barking
  • LMC 6.32.180 Abandonment Of Animals Prohibited
  • LMC 6.12.080 Female Dogs In Heat Must Be Kept Inside
  • LMC 6.12.100 Animals To Be Tethered/Secured In Vehicles
  • LMC 6.12.230 Dogs Must Wear Collar and License
  • LMC 6.16.020 Keeping Livestock Requirements/Roosters Prohibited
  • LMC 6.24.020 Animal Bites Required To Be Reported
  • LMC 6.24.040 Owner Of Biting Animal Must Quarantine Animal
  • LMC 6.32.010 Animals To Be Properly Cared For
  • LMC 6.32.020 Animals Not To Be Abused
  • LMC 6.32.030 Animals Not To Be Slaughtered In City Limits
  • LMC 6.32.040 Animals Not To Be Killed or Butchered In City Limits
  • LMC 6.32.040 Poisoning Animals Prohibited
  • LMC 6.32.060 Keeping Wild, Exotic & Dangerous Animals & Reptiles Prohibited
  • LMC 6.32.100 Sanitary Enclosures For Animals Required
  • LMC 6.32.130 Sale Or Gifts Of Animals By Minors Prohibited
  • LMC 6.32.140 Animals Not To Be Given Away As Prizes
  • LMC 6.32.150 Stray Animals Must Be Reported And/Or Surrendered To Animal Services
  • LMC 6.32.170 Animals To Be Curbed/Owners Must Remove Feces From Public Or Private Property

This is a list of some of the California laws related to animals. There are many others. For the text of these laws see the California Penal Code.

  • Pen. 596   Poisoning Animals
  • Pen. 597   Crimes Against Animals Felony or Misdemeanor
  • Pen. 597b  Fighting Animals and Birds (cockfighting)
  • Pen. 597c  Training Animals to Fight, or Being Present
  • Pen. 597f   Permitting Animals to Go Without Care: Veterinary Care for Injured Cats and Dogs
  • Pen. 597i   Trading in Implements for Fighting Birds
  • Pen. 597j   Possession of Gamecocks for Fighting Purposes
  • Pen. 597s    Abandonment of Dog or Cat
  • Pen. 597t   Confinement of Animals
  • Pen. 597.5  Fighting Dogs
  • Pen. 653o   Endangered Species: Importation and Sale
  • Pen. 653p    Endangered Species: Sale of Dead Body
  • Pen. 667.83    Ceremonial Mutilation


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