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Lost & Found Program

Steps to take if you FIND a stray animal

The law requires that if you discover a stray or apparently lost animal, you are to report it to Lathrop Animal Services. If you pick up a stray or lost animal, you are to report this to Lathrop Animal Services within eight hours and if requested, you are to turn the animal over to animal services. When reporting a stray animal, please provide a detailed description, including breed, color, gender, age (adult or puppy), size and any collar or identification tag it may be wearing. If you would like to keep the animal at your home for its stray holding period, you must let animal services know and arrange for animal services to come out and scan the animal for any identifying microchips. Additionally, you are required to actively search for the owner which includes checking with animal services on a daily basis to see if the owner has called, placing a found ad in the local classified ads, checking the lost & found ads in the local newspapers and posting found signs around the area that you found the animal.

Steps to take if you have LOST an animal

Call Lathrop Animal Services right away at 209-941-7420 to report your lost pet. Chances are, we’ve picked him/her up and he/she is safe at the shelter. Click here for a downloadable brochure with more information and tips to finding your lost pet. Be sure to check our shelter animals at


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