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Sheltering Animals

Types of Animals

Lathrop Animal Services is responsible for ALL animals in Lathrop. We rescue many types of animals, not just dogs and cats, including owls, hawks, skunks, muskrats, possums, horses, pigs, snakes, foxes and many other animals. All animals are held at the shelter for the minimum holding period; wildlife is turned over to a licensed wildlife rescue organization, such as the Stanislaus County Wildlife Care Center. Wildlife is typically taken to a wildlife rescue the same day it is impounded.

Animal Holding Periods

Lathrop Animal Services must hold animals, by law, for a minimum number of days. We strive to hold adoptable animals longer than the minimum in an effort to get them new homes.

Holding Periods

  • Stray (Owner unknown): Minimum of 4 working days
  • Stray (Owner known): Minimum of 10 working days
  • Surrendered: Minimum of 4 working days.
    If the animal is adoptable, it can immediately be made available for adoption.

Impound Fees

If your pet is impounded by animal services, you are responsible for all fees related to the impound, board and care of your pet, including any veterinary fees. In addition to City impound fees, State law requires that owners of unaltered impounded animals be charged an additional fee. To see fees, click here.

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