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Our Volunteer Program

Volunteer involvement is vital to the success and growth of Lathrop Animal Services. We depend on volunteers to be reliable, caring extensions of our staff.

Volunteers significantly improve the animals' experience at the Shelter by:

Socializing/playing with the dogs/cats;

  • Walking the dogs outside;
  • Giving them toys and kongs filled with food;
  • Grooming them, removing uncomfortable mats and fleas;
  • Cleaning their cages quickly and filling their water bowls regularly;
  • Knowing the animals well and helping them to find an adopter that will meet their specific needs;
  • Informing the veterinary staff of any subtle changes in personality or health of the animals; and assisting the veterinary staff with procedures, such as giving medications;
  • Looking for their owners and in some cases reuniting them.

Volunteers improve our adoption rates by:

  • Socializing and relaxing the animals;
  • Grooming the animals to make them look and smell better;
  • Improving the experience of the customer at the Shelter. These customers will then tell their friends to visit the Shelter, thus increasing adoption rates;
  • Helping customers find the animal that matches their needs.

Volunteers improve the ability to serve all of the animals of Lathrop by:

  • Assisting the Animal Control Officers with many tasks which allows them additional time to work in the field and tend to animals in holding
  • Identifying new program opportunities and helping to implement them

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