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Teresa Vargas
City Clerk

390 Towne Centre Drive
Lathrop, CA 95330
Phone:(209) 941-7230
Fax: (209) 941-7229


The City Clerk's Office is here to support your city's democratic process. As a service oriented department of your local government agency, the City Clerk’s Office assists and supports the public and City departments by making available the records necessary for the City to advance its administrative, legal, and legislative function.


It is the mission of the City Clerk’s Office to serve as a primary point of contact for the public and for staff regarding the actions of the City Council, and to maintain and produce documents that enable the public to participate in local government. We strive to fulfill this mission in an accurate, timely and courteous manner.

Duties & Responsibilities

The City Clerk’s office coordinates the preparation and distribution of official City Council Agendas, legal and legislative documents, and City Council minutes. The clerk’s office ensures that the City Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the Brown Act and is responsible for publication and posting of all legal notices related to public hearings or other actions of the City Council. The Clerk attends all City Council meetings and is entrusted with the responsibility of recording actions taken by the legislative body.

The City Clerk manages the preservation and protections of many public records of the City, including ordinances, resolutions, minutes of the City Council, agreements, elections-related documents, campaign disclosure filings, contracts, deeds and many others.

The City Clerk’s office coordinates updating the City of Lathrop Municipal Code. The Municipal Code is a compilation of city laws and regulations and is accessible at city hall.

The City Clerk serves as the Election Official for the City. The City Clerk coordinates with the San Joaquin County Department of Elections for General Municipal Elections along with special elections called by the City Council.

Other duties of the City Clerk include administering oaths of office, receive and conduct bid openings, promoting voter registration and participation, and notarizing public documents.

City Council Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

NEW Regular Meeting Schedule – Effective January 2018. At the October 16, 2017 Regular City Council Meeting, the City Council adopted a Resolution amending the City Council meeting schedule from two (2) to one (1) meeting per month. The meetings will take place on the second (2nd) Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. The effective date of the amended meeting schedule will begin in January 2018, with the first regular meeting of the year to be held Monday, January 8, 2018. Study Sessions and Special Meetings are scheduled as needed. (NOTE: This schedule is subject to change for various reasons and notification will be given in advance.), please click here

Municipal Code

The Municipal Code is a compilation of City laws and regulations. The City Clerk is responsible for updating the Municipal Code on a quarterly basis. The most current edition of the Municipal Code is accessible to the public through this website. Click here to view and search the Municipal Code.


The City Clerk oversees administration of municipal elections and election services. General municipal elections are consolidated with statewide elections, scheduled on the first Tuesday of November of even-numbered years.  All election services are provided according to the California Elections Code. For additional information on elections, please Click here

Statement of Economic Interests Filing

The California Political Reform Act (Government Code Sections 81000-91014) requires many public officials and employees to file financial disclosure reports known as Statements of Economic Interest (Form 700) when assuming office, annually, and when leaving office. Cities are also required to adopt and implement a Conflict of Interest Code. The City Clerk, as Filing Officer, administers the Conflict of Interest Code at the local level.

The Mayor, City Councilmembers, Planning Commissioners, City Manager, City Attorney and Finance Director are identified in Government Code Section 87200 and file Statements of Economic Interest with the City Clerk’s Office. Click here for a list of current 87200 filers. Copies of the Statements of Economic Interest filed by these officials may be obtained by visiting the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) at 428 J Street, Suite 620, Sacramento, CA 95814 or the City Clerk’s Office at 390 Towne Centre Drive, Lathrop, CA 95330. Statements of Economic Interest filed by certain state and local government agency elected officials may be available in electronic format on the FPPC’s website at

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