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Lathrop General Plan

The General Plan for Lathrop functions as a "constitution" in much the same way as a state or national constitution. The Plan reflects the City's long-range aspirations of physical form and amenity and provides guidance to the substance of development regulations and other programs approved or to be approved by the City Council which combines as the package of tools necessary to carry out the Plan over time.

The General Plan has three basic functions:

1.  To enable the City Council, upon the advice of its Planning Commission, to express agreement on goals and policies for current and future development.

2.  To provide clear guidance in judging whether projects proposed by public agencies and private developers are in close agreement with policies of the General Plan.

3.  To allow and provide the basis for making intelligent changes to the Plan as time and changing circumstances may dictate, while being true to its purpose.

 The following documents are available in PDF format by clicking on the titles below.

City of Lathrop General Plan

Final Environmental Impact Report to the General Plan

City of Lathrop General Plan Map

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