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Building Division

The Building Inspection Division is responsible for various task including:

  • Enforcement of minimum building standards to safeguard life or limb, health, property and public welfare by regulating and controlling the design, construction, quality of materials, use occupancy and location of all buildings and structure within the jurisdiction.
  • Provide responsive and efficient service to the construction public in a friendly manner
  • Review construction plans for compliance with City ordinances, state law and the model codes
  • Provide competent investigations for all complaints
  • Provide education for the general public and construction professionals as it relates to new regulations and methods

Building Services:

Building Inspections

The inspections that follow the issuance of the permit are required to insure that work completed on your project meets current building codes and standards. Unsatisfactory work, faulty materials or violations of the code could result in unsafe and hazardous conditions for you, your family, your employees or the general public.

Examples: You will need to have your project inspected before any work is covered up. For example, you will need to have wiring inspected before putting up any drywall materials.

Building Permits

Building permits are important in protecting your safety and the safety of those around you. The City of Lathrop requires permits so that it can ensure that construction is being done properly and in accordance with all life safety requirements and all building codes. This process provides assurance that your project is safe and built to last.

Examples: The Permit Process ensures that you comply with the codes, which are law as they have been adopted by the City Council and incorporated in the City of Lathrop Ordinances. Having a permit also ensures that your property maintains its value and makes it easier to sell your home if you can demonstrate that all construction work done on your house meets code requirements.

Building Division handouts and application forms.

Building Plan Reviews

Building Plans are reviewed to assure that construction meets basic safety, engineering and quality of life requirements. Depending upon the type of project, and the complexity of construction, different experts will examine your plans for conformance to these requirements.

Examples: If you have a small project such as a patio cover, it will be reviewed for conformance with zoning, building safety and fire safety laws.

If you have a more complex project, such as a manufacturing plant, the building plans are reviewed for such things as electrical requirements, water demands and industrial waste.

Building Standards & Codes

THE CITY OF LATHROP BUILDING DIVISION has adopted and is currently enforcing the following codes:

  • 2016 California Building Standards Code, Title 24, Parts 1-12
  • 2016 California Building Code
  • 2016 California Residential Code
  • 2016 California Electrical Code
  • 2016 California Energy Code / 2013 California Energy Code Effective June 1st 2014
  • 2016 California Green (CAL Green) Building Standards Code
  • 2016 California Plumbing Code
  • 2016 California Mechanical Code
  • City of Lathrop Municipal Code

The City of Lathrop Building Division utilizes the 2013 California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 1-12. For reference, please visit: Building Standards Commission

The current Structural Consideration are as follows:

  • Wind Speed = 85 MPH, 3 Second Gust, Exposure C
  • Seismic = Seismic Design Category D
  • Climate = Climate Zone 12
  • Soils = Soils Report required on new construction (2013 CBC Section 1803)
  • Walls Retaining Soil = 80 Pounds Per Cubic Food Saturated Soil Rating
  • Minimum Roof Live Loads = per 2013 CBC Section 1607 & Table 1607.1

If there are any questions concerning the above information please contact the Building Division at (209) 941-7270

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