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Map Approvals

The Map Approval Application is the City of Lathrop’s application for Subdivision Map Act related entitlements that have been adopted in the City’s Subdivision Code. Such entitlements include, but are not limited to parcel maps, tentative maps, lot mergers, and lot line adjustments.

Map Approval Applications Approved by Staff:

Certificate of Compliance
A Certificate of Compliance is issued by the Planning Division to a subject property when an applicant shows that the property was legally formed in accordance with the City's Subdivision Ordinance and the Subdivision Map Act. A Conditional Certificate of Compliance may also be issued if a property is not in compliance, but can be conditioned to be in compliance with standards applicable at the time the parcel was formed.

Lot Line Adjustment
As permitted by state law, adjustments may be made to property lines of existing legal parcels. The city has adopted a subdivision ordinance that provides for such adjustments for fully improved parcels in accordance with the exemptions included in the subdivision map act. Property owners can effectuate a lot line adjustment by creating new legal descriptions that are recorded with new deeds. The city provides a notice of lot line adjustment that is recorded as well. No additional parcels may be created with a lot line adjustment, you must utilize a parcel map or tentative/final map to create new parcels.

Lot Merger
A merger of parcels can be performed if the subject properties do not meet the lot size standards of the city zoning code and where at least one of the parcels involved does not meet other minimum development standards of the city. The city records a notice of merger when the merger has been legally completed.

Parcel Map Waiver
When an applicant can show that a division of land can be effectuated without the filing of a tentative parcel map, under the strict adherence of the city's subdivision code and the subdivision map act, the requirement of a tentative parcel map can be waived.

Typically, a waiver can be granted if legal descriptions can be established for the subject properties without the filing of a parcel map and all the subject properties meet all state and city requirements for drainage, access, water, sewer and flood control, if such a waiver is granted, the city issues a certificate of compliance for the newly created parcels in accordance with the procedure described above.

Tentative Parcel Map
Similar to a tentative map described below, a tentative parcel map sets forth a subdivision of land of less than five parcels (for residential properties or any commercial and industrial land with defined development patterns and improved infrastructure; please ask staff for more information on parcel map procedures under these circumstances).

Final Map
A final map is processed subsequent to the approval of a tentative map. Final maps may be phased, in accordance with the conditions of the tentative map. Every final map processed must be checked for technical accuracy by the San Joaquin County Assessor's Office, as well as the City Public Works Department. The filing (recording) of a final map creates new legal parcels. Please ask staff for more information about the final map process.

Final Parcel Map
Similar to a final map described above, a parcel map is essentially a final map that typically involves less than 5 parcels. A parcel map is also checked for technical accuracy by San Joaquin County and City Public Works. The filing (recording) of a parcel map creates new legal parcels. Please ask staff for more information about the parcel map process.

Map Approval Applications Requiring Planning Commission Approval:

Subdivision Conference
As a prelude to the filing of a tentative map application, a subdivision conference may be held before the Planning Commission to establish understanding between the city and the applicant prior to the subdivision of land. The application is required to alert city officials and interested public and private agencies of the proposed subdivision so that they may have the opportunity to inform the subdivider of physical conditions, facts, policies and environmental concerns which are or may be pertinent to the preparation of the tentative map.

Time Extension
This application is to extend the life of a particular development permit or map. The amount of time that may be extended is a one time extension of 1 year from the expiration date.

Environmental Subdivision
An environmental subdivision is a tentative map utilized for the preservation of biotic or wildlife habitat to protect it from urbanization. The process is similar to that of the tentative map process, but also includes specific findings to be made by the City to preserve property of 20 or more acres for a specific habitat or habitats.

Map Approval Applications Requiring City Council Approval:

Appeal of Planning Commission Decision
Any interested party may file an appeal to the City Council after a decision has been made by the Commission.

Map Approval Applications Requiring Planning Commission and City Council Approval:

Tentative Map
As provided for in the state subdivision map act and the city subdivision ordinance, a tentative map may be filed to subdivide property into five (5) or more parcels. A subdivision conference must be held as the first step in the tentative map process to establish an understanding of the applicants’ intentions regarding the subdivision of specific property. Please see the subdivision conference description located above.

Tentative Map Exception
An exception to approving a tentative map may be granted if there is enough information available by prior recorded documents to subdivide a parcel of land. A tentative map is still required to be submitted for review by staff, but is not necessarily utilized as the basis for the final map.


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