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City of Lathrop Specific Plans

South Lathrop Specific Plan

Lathrop Gateway Business Park

West Lathrop Specific Plan
The 2002 West Lathrop Specific Plan Area forms the southwestern portion of the City of Lathrop’s Planning Area. The West Lathrop area is at the crossroads of three of the State of California’s major highways and on the fast-growing edge of the greater San Francisco Bay Area. In such a strategic location, the plan area is ideally situated to become a new mixed use community. It will contain a synergistic array of uses: a wide range of housing types and neighborhoods, a mixed use town center, workplaces ranging from business parks to highway-related commercial and many forms of outdoor recreation. West Lathrop is comprised of two large areas: Stewart Tract (made up of River Islands and Southeast Stewart Tract totaling 5,974 acres) and Mossdale Village (1,611 acres).

Mossdale Village
Located west of I-5 and east of the San Joaquin River is Mossdale Village, a 1,161-acre residential development with an associated village center, service commercial and highway commercial uses. The village as a whole will be organized around a pedestrian-oriented village center. A variety of shops, restaurants and personal and professional services as well as indoor and outdoor gathering places will create a lively village center for community life. In addition, all the residents of Mossdale Village will share a system of trails stemming from a broad open space corridor along the site’s westerly San Joaquin River edge. The Mossdale Village is divided into three (3) separate planning areas: Mossdale Landing; Mossdale Landing East; and Mossdale Landing South.

Mossdale Landing
Located west of I-5 and south of the Central Lathrop Specific Plan project, Mossdale Landing is a mixed-use master planned community consisting of approximately 1,700 dwelling units, approximately 654,000 square feet of village and service commercial uses, schools, parks, and open space. The Mossdale Landing project is in the beginning phases of development with approximately six (6) subdivisions currently under construction.

Mossdale Landing East
Located west of I-5 and just south of River Islands Parkway, Mossdale Landing East is a mixed-use master planned community consisting of approximately 485 dwelling units, approximately 500,000 square feet of highway commercial, village commercial and service commercial uses, parks, and open space. The Mossdale Landing East project is in the beginning phases of development and it is expected that home building will begin in Spring ’05.

Mossdale Landing South
Located just south of the Mossdale Landing site, Mossdale Landing South is a mixed-use master planned community consisting of 140 dwelling units, approximately 407,000 square feet of service commercial, as well as parks and open space. Development of Mossdale Landing South is expected to begin in Summer ’05.

River Islands at Lathrop

River Islands is located west of I-5 and north of I-205. Encompassing nearly 5,000 acres, River Islands will eventually be a community of 11,000 homes, a vibrant town center, and employment center with thousands of jobs for local residents. As the Delta's newest waterfront master-planned community, River Islands will bestow an idyllic lifestyle on current and future residents of Northern California. As a place to love, live, work, shop and play, it will bring retail services, educational and recreational amenities, entertainment, employment and environmental enhancements to the City of Lathrop. River Islands is currently working with the state and federal agencies to finalize the permits needed to begin development.

Central Lathrop Specific Plan

The Central Lathrop Specific (CLSP) area is comprised of approximately 1,520 acres located west of the I-5 freeway, north of the West Lathrop Specific Plan area, and east of the San Joaquin River. The plan area is just north of the Interstate 5/Interstate 205/Route 120 interchange. The Central Lathrop Specific plan envisions a vibrant and livable community that offers a balanced mix of residential neighborhoods; retail, office, service-related and other employment generating land uses; and public/semi-public uses such as schools, parks, and other civic oriented facilities. Approximately 6,800 dwelling units and 5 million square feet of office and retail uses are planned for the area. The Central Lathrop Specific Plan will contain Lathrop’s first ever high school!

The Central Lathrop Specific Plan project obtained City Council and Planning Commission entitlements in November 2004. The project was annexed into the City in September 2005.

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