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Central Lathrop Specific Plan

The Central Lathrop Specific Plan (CLSP) area is comprised of approximately 1,520 acres located west of the I‐5 freeway, north of the West Lathrop Specific Plan area,and east of the San Joaquin River. The plan area is just north of the Interstate5/Interstate 205/Route 120 interchange. The Central Lathrop Specific Plan envisions a vibrant and livable community that offers a balanced mix of residential neighborhoods; retail, office, service‐related and other employment generating land uses; and public/semi‐public uses such as schools, parks, and other civic oriented facilities. Approximately 6,800 dwelling units and 5 million square feet of office and retail uses are planned for the area. The Central Lathrop Specific Plan contains Lathrop's first ever high school.

 The following documents are available in PDF format by clicking on the titles below.

Land Use Map

Specific Plan

Design Guidelines and Master Signage Program

Draft Environmental Impact Report

Final Environmental Impact Report

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