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West Lathrop Specfic Plan

The 2002 West Lathrop Specific Plan Area forms the south western portion of the City of Lathrop's Planning Area.  The West Lathrop area is at the crossroads of three (3) of the State of California's major highways and on the fast-growing edge of the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  In such a strategic location, the plan area is ideally situated to become a new mixed-use community.  It will contain a synergistic array of uses in a wide range of housing types and neighborhoods, a mixed-use town center, workplaces ranging from business parks to highway-related commercial and many forms of outdoor recreation.  West Lathrop is comprised of two large areas: Stewart Tract (made up of River Islands and Southeast Stewart Tract totaling 5,94 acres) and Mossdale Village (1,611 acres).

 The following documents are available in PDF format by clicking on the titles below.

Location Map

Specific Plan

Draft Environmental Impact Report

Final Environmental Impact Report

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