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i-GATE (Innovation for Green Advanced Transportation Excellence): A California State Innovation Hub
i-GATE is a regional public-private partnership designed to support small businesses and maximize the economic potential of green transportation and clean-energy technologies. i-GATE provides collaboration opportunities, entrepreneurial education and assistance, an Academic Alliance, and a business incubator for the development of high-growth green businesses

i-GATE Background
In February 2010, i-GATE was designated as one of six "innovation hubs (iHubs)" in the State of California by the Governor's Office of Economic Development.

Based in Livermore, California, the i-GATE partnership extends throughout the Tri-Valley region, including programs and special facilities at Sandia National Laboratories/California (the i-GATE "lead laboratory"), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the Joint BioEnergy Institute, and the University of California campuses at Berkeley and Davis.

Through its focus on developing a new generation of technology entrepreneurs, i-GATE and the Tri-Valley community are helping build companies that create jobs and fuel economic growth in the regional technology cluster that surrounds the two Department of Energy national laboratories in Livermore. Since the i-GATE NEST program provides targeted business assistance to young firms at their earliest stages of growth--when they're most vulnerable to failure--we create a safety net to identify and support new ventures that have a better-than-average chance of success.

To learn more about i-GATE and nest incubator Program, please follow this link: View

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