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Q:How is my utility bill calculated?


Utility bills are comprised of fixed and variable charges.  Bills are calculated based on usage from the previous month.  Effective January 2018, residential home rates are as follows:

The fixed service charges (based on 5/8” meter):

  • East: Water Service Charge $16.30; Facility Fee $9.10; Wastewater (sewer) Service Charge $71.00 = $96.40 for a residential home.
  • West: Water Service Charge $16.30; Wastewater (sewer) Service Charge $79.00 = $95.30 for a residential home. (The $9.10 facility Fee is paid on the property tax bill)

Variable Usage Charges:

  • In addition to the above fixed charges, the water usage charge is calculated by $3.99 per/1,000 gallons of water used.

Fixed service charges are billed every month in addition to any water usage.  Once water goes through the meter, you are responsible for the charges.

Other rates apply for mobile homes, discount program, and commercial/industrial. please see full rate schedule for more information.

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