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Utility Billing (Water/Sewer Bill)

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Services Provided

It is the City's mission to provide clean and safe drinking water to all residents and businesses. Water is used for in-home uses, outdoor watering, businesses, and fire suppression. It is the responsibility of the City to take wastewater from homes and businesses, convey it to a treatment plant and "treat it".

The Finance Department send Utility bills to City residents and businesses each month, for the previous month usage, for water and sewer services. To assist you with Utility Services, you may visit the Lathrop City Hall Finance counter located at 390 Towne Centre Drive, or by calling Finance directly at (209)941-7320.

New Utility Services (click for more information):

A deposit of $150 is required from all businesses and residents and is due at the time new services are activated. Starting new service by Fax is an option if you are unable to come into the office.

Changes/Stop/Suspend and Account:

Contact the Finance Department at (209)941-7320. A representative will help you with your request.


The City provides the following methods to pay your bill:
  • Online bill pay
  • Automatic Bank Draft
  • Mail
  • In person
  • Night drop box
  • Over the phone

Fees and Payment Due Dates:

  • Utility Service Deposit:A deposit of $150 is required from all businesses and residents and is due at the time new services are activated. The deposit is either 1) applied to the account after one year of satisfactory account activity, or 2) applied to the closing bill upon the discontinuation of services; any remaining credit will be refunded.
  • Due date and penalty fees: Utility bills for the prior month's use are mailed to customers monthly. An unpaid bill is considered past due if payment is not received before the close of business on the last business day of the month. Delinquent accounts are subject to a 10% penalty fee on water and on sewer.
  • Rates:Each utility account is charged a monthly service charge for water and monthly service charge for sewer. Water usage is calculated per 1,000 gallons times the current rate.
  • Disconnection/Restore Fees:Accounts more than 45 days delinquent may be subject to non-payment disconnection. Total fees to restore service is $60, plus past due balance. In addition, a $150 utility service deposit may be required if one is not already on file. (Checks are not accepted on accounts issued with a "Shut-Off Notice".)
  • Returned Check Fees: There is a $15 charge for all returned payments. Personal checks will not be accepted on the account for one year from the date of the returned check. Direct Debit transactions rejected by your bank are subject to the same fees and terms as a returned check.

Billing Assistance Program:

Discounts are given on water service if you qualify for the PG&E CARE program. To find out if you are eligible to receive discounted rates, please visit Billing Assistance Program. PG&E CARE Program

Meter Reading:

Meter reading is scheduled to be read at approximately the same day each month. It may be necessary to vary from this schedule due to holidays or unexpected circumstances. Safe access to the meter helps us to provide customers with accurate billings.

Maintenance Information:

For questions regarding water quality or water leaks, please contact the Public Works Department at (209)941-7430.



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