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Classification Specifications

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We welcome your interest in the City of Lathrop job classification specifications.

The monthly Salaries identified do not include all of the cost and compensation benefits of employees. For example, certain employees are entitled to medical benefits, sick leave, vacation benefits, retirement benefits, overtime, etc. Please contact the City of Lathrop Administrative Services Department at (209) 941-7350 for details on a specific position.

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ClassificationMinimum SalaryMaximum SalaryUnion RepresentationJob Description
Chief Building Official $9,186 $11,165 LMCEA View Details
Chief Planning Official $9,892 $12,024 LMCEA View Details
Chief Utility Operator $5,890 $7,159 LMCEA View Details
City Attorney $16,028 $16,028 None -----
City Clerk $7,921 $9,628 None View Details
City Engineer $12,354 $15,016 None View Details
City Manager $17,038 $17,038 None -----
Code Compliance Officer I $4,955 $6,022 SEIU View Details
Code Compliance Officer II $5,336 $6,485 SEIU View Details
Code Compliance Officer III $5,890 $7,159 SEIU View Details

Council Approved Grade Step Table
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