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The City of Lathrop contracts with the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department for law enforcement services. The Lathrop Police Officers are Deputy Sheriff's assigned to Lathrop. They have unique training to include traffic enforcement specific to an incorporated city. The officers sign up for a minimum of three years, but the majority of our officers keep this assignment in excess of five years.

Benefits of Contract Policing for the City

  1. Lathrop pays for only the support staff and resources used.
  2. No labor relations or negotiations.
  3. No, or at least reduced, liability.
  4. No, or significantly reduced, personnel problems including citizen complaints, internal affair investigations, disciplinary actions, etc.
  5. Specialized staff and resources of a large department are available if needed.
  6. Ability to modify service level - flexibility.
  7. Lathrop Police Service staff has many years of law enforcement knowledge and experience - difficult to duplicate.
  8. Improved staffing efficiency allows for a lean administrative staff resulting in more officers available for patrol duties.
  9. The umbrella - a full police service backs up personalized patrol service.

Lathrop Police practices community oriented policing techniques – we work with the citizens and city council to focus on those areas that are of greater concern for their city.

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