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Manuel Andrade

Deputy Andrade
(209) 858-5551 – Ext. 6416

Chris Matsuoka

Deputy Matsuoka
(209) 858-5551 – Ext. 6415

DARE is much more than a campaign to teach children to say “No”. This education effort features nine lessons of interaction between students and a full time peace officer who teaches them valuable life skills such as determining consequences, discerning between facts and fiction about drugs and alcohol, self esteem and assertiveness, managing stress, choosing good alternatives and making good decisions. By the end of the lessons, rapport between students and their police instructor is such that kids feel real freedom to talk to their officer about almost anything. Students are encouraged to talk with their Parents and find out what’s going on, because family communication is the first and best defense against substance abuse. Studies have shown parental involvement helps children develop greater resistance skills that help them avoid the pitfalls of drugs and violence. Indeed, parents are truly “The Antidrug”!

Red Ribbon Week Oct 23rd to Oct 31st
Red Ribbon Week Campaign originated when Federal Agent Enrique Camarena was murdered by drug traffickers in 1985. After his death a small community displayed red ribbons out of respect for Mr. Camerena's courage. The red ribbon has is a symbol of commitment to reduce the demand for illegal drugs in each community. Individual communities decide which week to actually celebrate. The mission of the Red Ribbon Week Campaign is to present unified and visible commitment toward the creation of a drug free America. This campaign is designed to establish a network of people in every community to support drug free choices.

Bike Rodeo
Lathrop Police will conduct bike rodeos at Mossdale School, preferably in the early spring. Each participant will complete a skills obstacle course under adult supervision, review safety practices, have his or her bike checked for proper mechanical operation.The Rodeo is meant to achieve three objectives: 1) Educate youngsters regarding bicycle safety and proper bike maintenance. 2) Encourage the wearing of helmets in compliance with California Vehicle Code. 3) Help bicycle owners obtain and keep bike descriptions and serial numbers on file in case of theft.


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