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Lathrop City Council Members and Lathrop Police Services are strong supporters of the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program for children called D.A.R.E. Drug Abuse Resistance Education is taught to all fifth graders at three elementary schools in the City of Lathrop. This program continues to be successful because City Officials, Law Enforcement, School Administrators and Parents work together to educate the youth of our community, in an effort to prevent drug and alcohol use. During this 10 week program, students learn about making good choices and become informed on facts about drugs and alcohol. In May 2016, over 100 students Fifth Graders representing River Islands Tech Academy became D.A.R.E. Graduates.

The D.A.R.E. curriculum teaches about the harmful effects of alcohol, such as slowed reflexes, slurred speech, memory lapses and loss of self control. Most importantly the children learn that people make bad decisions while using alcohol and, all too often, they choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Many questions were asked about drinking and driving. One student asked if a person can go to prison for murder if they kill someone while drinking and driving. The message was clearly delivered, a person who kills another while driving under the influence can be charged with vehicular manslaughter and a heavy sentence of time in prison can be imposed. In addition to spending time in prison, this person will bear the burden of guilt for the rest of their life. Great emphasis is placed upon the fact that many, many people are severely impacted by one bad decision, and it ruins lives.

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