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Deputy G. Rocha, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department / Lathrop Police Services. Rocha started as a deputy sheriff in 2007. He has worked various assignments with the sheriff’s office and transferred to Lathrop Police in September of 2010. He is currently assigned to Lathrop investigations as a detective. He is certified in drug endangered children investigations and is currently the sole member if the Lathrop Police bicycle patrol “Even with his daily efforts to protect Lathrop’s citizens, Deputy Rocha has not forgotten that he is there to protect the lives of the people he has sworn to protect,” noted Sheriff Steve Moore. Moore noted that while traveling to work on the morning of May 22, 2017, Rocha came upon a traffic accident involving an intoxicated driver on Highway 88 at Fairchild Road. The occupants of the vehicle were severely injured and required immediate medical attention. After calling in the accident he tended to the three people who had injuries including a 1-year old in a child in a child’s seat. One adult was suffering from a lacerated liver, bowel injuries, and multiple internal injuries. The CHP praised Rocha for his actions and first aid efforts that day. With that in May of 2018 Deputy Rocha was presented the annual Don I. Asher Award formerly known as Manteca Rotary “Officer of the Year”.

May 7, 2018
Don I. Asher Award Winner
Deputy Gilbert Rocha

M.A.D.D. Officer of the Year 2017 – Honored

On June 13, 2018, Deputy Chris Sterni was honored with his 8th consecutive MADD Hero Award for 2017. Deputy Sterni is responsible for 64 DUI arrests this year, and has arrested 459 DUI drivers since his assignment to patrol in the City of Lathrop. He has been a Deputy for the Sheriff's office for 22 years and assigned to Lathrop Police Services for the past 14 years. Deputy Sterni received this distinction by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) for his diligent efforts in removing drunk and drugged drivers from the roadway. His clear dedication to making our community safer by reducing the threat of death and injury caused by those who make the poor choice to drive under the influence, is highly commendable.


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