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Lathrop Police Services’ Detective, Ryan Luiz, was instrumental in solving several complex cases that occurred in 2015. The Manteca Rotary honored Deputy Luiz at the annual Don I. Asher Award Luncheon in May 2016 formerly known as Manteca Rotary “Officer of the Year”, for being a true example of leadership and teamwork. He is willing to do anything to assist his fellow Deputies, on any type of case. He has also volunteered to assist in citizen awareness programs and other events that foster goodwill within the Lathrop community.

Rotary Day May 5, 2016
Don I. Asher Award Winner
Lathrop Police Services
Deputy R. Luiz

M.A.D.D. Officer of the Year 2015 – Honored

Deputy Sterni has led Lathrop Police Services in DUI arrests for the last 6 years and this is his 6th MADD Hero Award. Deputy Sterni is responsible for 55 DUI arrests and 11 DRE (Drug Recognition) arrests for a total of 66 DUI arrests this year. He is responsible for 66% of all DUI arrests for our division. Over the last 6 years, he has arrested 334 DUI drivers. Deputy Sterni has worked for the Sheriff's office for 20 years and assigned to Lathrop Police Services for the past 12 years. Deputy Sterni approaches DUI enforcement as if he is keeping his own family from harm’s way.

This was presented on Saturday June 11, 2016 at a venue in San Diego. Deputy Sterni was unable to attend this event his award will be mailed to him at Lathrop Police Services.


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