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“National Night Out” Citywide

Block Party

Tuesday  August 6, 2019

What Is National Night Out?

National Night Out is a city-wide project that brings members of Lathrop’s neighborhoods together for an evening of food, friendship and community solidarity against drugs and criminal activity.

Sponsored by the City of Lathrop and Lathrop Police, National Night Out is designed to:

  • Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness
  • Generate support for (and participation in) local anticrime and drug resistance efforts
  • Strengthen neighborhood spirit and support partnerships between police and the community.
  • Send a message to criminals, letting them know neighborhoods are organized and fighting back

From about 6 to 10 p.m. on Tuesday August 6, 2019, residents in neighborhoods throughout Lathrop will be turning on porch lights, locking their doors and spending the evening outside, visiting with neighbors, community leaders, firefighters and police.  It is a time for renewing friendships with old neighbors and becoming acquainted with new ones.

National Night Out is more than just another Tuesday evening in August.  It is a celebration of who we are, where we live and why we live here.

Make it a point to get together with your neighbors to celebrate a crime free community!  

How Can I Get Involved?

If your neighborhood is already organized into a Neighborhood Watch Group, contact your Block Captain and ask how you can help.  If you do not have a Neighborhood Watch Group, now is the perfect time to organize one!  Simply contact Lathrop Police Services at 15597 Seventh Street.

Getting Started

If you need help getting started, call Lathrop Police, 858-5551.  We can provide all the tools and advice you may need to organize your neighborhood.  Some people feel intimidated by the idea of hosting a National Night Out, but it really is as simple as putting together a family picnic.  It also is just as much fun!

National Night Out gatherings can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.  While some neighborhoods go all out to produce entertainment and culinary extravaganzas, others delight in simply sharing coffee and desserts while lounging in lawn chairs.  The idea is to foster a sense of unity in the neighborhood while getting to know your neighbors better.

  Register your NNO party now!   Call 858-5551 or fill out the entry form and bring it into Lathrop Police today!  Commemorative 2018 National Night Out items will be given to the hosts who register the first 15 parties. 

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