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Lathrop Police Services

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Emergency: 9-1-1

Non Emergency Dispatch: (209) 468-4400

Please, don't hesitate to report crimes and/or suspicious activity to the police. Often times, people think they are "bothering" the police if they are not sure a crime is being committed. It just take a moment to call the dispatch center to notify the police of something you are concerned about in your neighborhood. By doing so, you have given us the opportunity to respond and evaluate the situation. Placing a call to police at the right moment can prevent a crime and possibly allow us to apprehend a suspect. It is not required that you give your name when placing a call to dispatch, however the more information you give the dispatcher, the more knowledge the officers will have to handle the situation once he/she arrives. Here are some of the questions a dispatcher may ask you:

           - Where is it happening?

           - What is happening?

           - Who is doing it? (Description of the person including):

           - Approximately how old.

           - What they are wearing.

           - Male or Female.

           - If the person has left the area, how did they leave (e.g., on foot, in a vehicle, etc.) and in which direction?

Anonymous Tip-Line: (877) 858-2TIP (2847)

If you have information on a crime that happened in the past and would like to leave an anonymous tip for Lathrop Police, please call our Anonymous Tip Line and leave a detailed message. Your identity will remain anonymous.


You may also use the Sheriff's Office "Text-A-Tip" Program. Click on the above link for instructions.

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