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Operations & Maintance

This division provides maintenance services for the City’s infrastructure (streets, street trees, sidewalks, neighborhood parks, water, sewer, storm drains). Operations and Maintenance also provides internal support for maintenance of City owned facilities and equipment. The following sections make up this division:

Roadway (Street) Maintenance
Maintains and repairs the roadway surfaces on City streets.

Sidewalk and Median Maintenance
Maintains and repairs concrete surfaces of City streets, including sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

Street Sweeping, more info click here
Sweeps and cleans City streets, medians and parking lots.

Street Trees (non-landscape districts)
Maintains City owned trees in non-landscape districts, including inspections, trimming, removal and new planting.

Traffic Maintenance
Maintains traffic markings (crosswalks, traffic lines, etc.) and signing (stop signs, no parking signs, etc.)

Parks Maintenance
Maintenance of neighborhood parks (excluding mini-parks and landscape maintenance districts) including mowing, vegetation care, irrigation, tree trimming, weed abatement, restroom cleaning, and trash collection.

Graffiti Removal
Removal of graffiti from public properties.

Building Maintenance
Maintains all City Buildings and facilities.

Custodial Operations
Provides custodial service to all City owned buildings.

Street Lights
The Street Lights are maintained by PG&E and the City. If you have a street light out in your area, please contact the City at (209) 941-7430. To help us in reporting these lights for repair please have the Street Light Pole Number or the address closest to the Street Light. Additionally, street location with a cross street will help in determining the correct street light.

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