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Sewer System Management Plan

This SSMP has been prepared in compliance with the requirements contained in State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) General Order No. 2006-0003-DWQ.  This order was adopted at its meeting on May 2, 2006 to require all public wastewater collection system agencies in California with greater than one mile of sewers to be regulated under General Waste Discharge Requirements (GWDR). The SWRCB action also mandates the development of an SSMP and the reporting of SSOs using an electronic reporting system.  

This SSMP was also prepared to meet requirements presented in Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) Order No. R5-2006-0094 for the City of Lathrop Water Recycling Plant San Joaquin County.  This report serves to meet the requirement to submit a Final SSMP by 31 August 2009, and replaces the Interim Sewer System Management Plan that was submitted by the City to the RWQCB in December 2006.

Sewer System Management Plan

  • Appendix A Element 2 (Organization)
  • Appendix B Element 3 (Legal Authority)
  • Appendix C Element 4 (Operations & Maintenance)
  • Appendix D Element 5 (Design and Performance)
  • Appendix E Element 6 (Overflow Emergency Response)
  • Appendix F Element 7 (Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Control Program)
  • Appendix G Element 8 (System Evaluation and Capacity Assurance Plan)
  • Appendix H Element 9 (Monitoring, Measurement and Progrm Modifications)
  • Appendix I Element 10 (SSMP Program Audits)
  • Appendix J Element 11 (Communicaiton Program)

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