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The Utilities Division operates and maintains the Wastewater Treatment Plant, wastewater collection system, water wells, water distribution system and the storm drainage system. The City's Water Conservation Program also operates under this division. The Utilities Division is comprised of the following sections:

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations and Maintenance

Operates the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant to treat and dispose of the wastewater collected from within the City. Maintains, repairs, and replaces the mechanical and electrical plant equipment at the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Wastewater Lift Stations

Operates, maintains, repairs the City's wastewater lift stations and provides safe sanitary services. Maintains, repairs the City's wastewater distributions systems.

Water Wells Maintenance

Maintains and repairs the City's water wells and booster water pump stations. Maintains, repairs the City's water distribution systems.

Water Conservation

Plans and coordinates City water conservation efforts, including public education, monitoring and enforcement activities.

Storm Drainage System

Maintains and repairs the City's storm drainage pump stations, retention ponds and storm drainage lines.


Utilities Group

The Utilities Group consists primarily of Engineers and Operators that design, operate and maintain the Water Facilities, Storm Drainage Facilities and Wastewater Facilities. The major facilities the Utilities Group is responsible for consists of the following:

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