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Storm Drain System

Storm Drain PictureThe City of Lathrop incorporated on July 1, 1989 with the intent of providing better service to the existing residents through growth and development of infrastructure. One of several first steps the City took was to develop Master Plans for utilities. Under this umbrella, the Storm Drainage (SD) Master Plan was prepared and adopted in 1992 with one singular goal; control the flooding of public and private lands. The SD Master Plan specifically identified existing deficiencies within the Historic area of Lathrop and provided a recommended framework for flood protection enhancements. This document has since been updated several times and is currently under another evaluation.

Storm Drain PictureThe existing storm water drainage in much of town consists of surface run-off to detention basins which then discharge into pipes or pump stations that convey it to the San Joaquin River. One very important task of the City Staff is to keep the system operational during storm events. Therefore, the City of Lathrop Maintenance Group provides round the clock storm drain maintenance services for our community. As preventive maintenance, the Department of Public Works undertakes an aggressive cleaning of the Storm Drain system every spring and summer. The cleaning includes all ditches, pipes and inlets.

City crews are currently maintaining sixteen Storm Drain Pump Stations. City crews are currently maintaining sixteen detention/retention basins. Some of the City basins serve dual functions. The basin is also used as a park. City crews are currently maintaining three Outfall structures to the river. The structures release storm run off into the San Joaquin River.

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