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Water System

The City of Lathrop provides a high level of quality service and dependable potable water to its residents and businesses. The City performs routine bacteria sampling at bacteria sampling stations placed strategically around the City to ensure the water is safe to drink. In addition to bacteria, the City also analyzes the water for the following: chlorine residual, pH, total dissolved solids, ammonia, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, hardness and fluoride concentration. More information is available in the Annual Water Quality Report below:

2017 Report     2016 Report     2015 Report     2014 Report     2013 Report  2012 Report   2011 Report     2010 Report               

2009 Report  2008 Report   2007 Report     2006 Report                  (Distributed in Adobe PDF format)

Overall, the water system consists of the:

  • The SCWSP and the Turn-Out Facility
  • The City’s Municipal Well System
  • Distribution Piping System
  • The Storage and Booster Station System

South County Water Supply Program
The South County Water Supply Program is a project to supply the cities of Tracy, Lathrop, Manteca and Escalon with water from the South San Joaquin Irrigation District. The project includes construction of a new water treatment plant at Woodward Reservoir and pipelines to supply water to the cities. The City of Lathrop will receive up to 8,007 acre-feet of water per year from the project.

The City’s Municipal Well System
Maintains, repairs, and replaces the mechanical and electrical plant equipment at the City's five (5) municipal wells in the City water system. Additionally, Well No. 21 includes a manganese removal facility that is operated by the City Staff. In 2006, a sixth municipal well will be added to the system which will serve as a back-up well in case one of the other five wells were to fail.

Distribution Piping System
The City Staff maintains and operates the Water Distribution Piping System. Specific responsibilities include performing repairs, installing service connections, exercising valves and fire hydrants. The City Staff performs meter reading, installation and maintenance on all of the City’s water meters. The City is responsible to maintain the water system from the meter to the street. The water system from the meter into the property is private therefore the responsibility of the owner. Also, the City Staff provides water turn-on and turn-off services.

Storage TankThe Storage and Booster Station System
The storage tanks and booster stations provide for water pressure in high demands, specifically, during a fire event, and during peak usage hours like the early mornings and late afternoon. The City currently has two one million gallons tanks and one four hundred and twenty five thousand gallon tank at strategic locations throughout the City. The tanks provide the proper pressure for domestic and fire use during high demand. As new development occurs, new tanks and booster stations will be constructed to serve the development. The entire water system is controlled by a sophisticated electronic system called SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). This system connects the pump stations and water tanks using radio telemetry to communicate to each other. The SCADA system allows the City to employ many back up and safety features that otherwise would be impossible if done manually.

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