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Public Works Department

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Director of Public Works

390 Towne Centre Drive

Lathrop, CA 95330

Phone: (209) 941-7430

Fax: (209) 941-7449

   Public Works Emergency /After Hours / Holidays (209) 992-0028


"Keep Lathrop the city that citizens are proud to call home."

How will this be achieved?

Proactive and responsive to citizens and city council concerns

Effective use of scarce funds

Improve city infrastructure through CIP's that benefit all citizens

World-class customer service in person, on the telephone, and at the counter

Cultivate a family, business and development friendly community environment

Achievement Process Steps:

Fully exploit technology to accelerate productivity and create data-driven decision opportunities for leaders

Conduct continuous process improvement to gain substantial production efficiencies in engineering, administrative support,

building and code enforcement

Culture of customer-focused service

Team approach to inter-departmental communications, project management, and problem solving

A robust metrics analysis that accurately tracks key indicators, trends productivity, indentifies shortfalls,

and rewards superior performers

The Public Works Department has four divisions: Administration, Operation and Maintenance,

Engineering, and Building and Code Enforcement.

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