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Dear Lathrop Customers,

The City of Lathrop has a three (3) cart system for the collection of garbage, recycling and green waste. The three cart system was established to enable residents to assist in reducing the amount of waste that is dumped in landfills. Garbage service is mandatory within the City of Lathrop and Allied Waste provides residential garbage service to City of Lathrop residents. Garbage service bills and payments are processed by Allied Waste and Utility bills and utility payments are processed by the City of Lathrop. Residents receive separate billing statements for these two services.

To start garbage service or for questions about garbage service please contact Allied Waste at (209) 466-3604.

Newspapers, cardboard, including cereal boxes, soda boxes, etc., glass bottles and jars, aluminum, tin, and steel, plastic containers (1) and (2) and all junk mail and phone books. If you have any questions regarding what goes in your blue container please call Public Works at (209) 941-7200.

Grass clippings, tree trimmings, pruning, leaves, brush, and weeds. Please do not put any dirt, rocks, concrete or tree stumps.

Household garbage only. Size of brown garbage cart determines amount you are charged monthly for service.

Option A is the minimum level of service required for Lathrop residents.
Your cart options and monthly rates are as follows:

Waste Type Option A Option B Option C
Household Garbage Small (30 gal) Medium (60 gal) Large (90 gal)
Recycling Large Large Large
Yard Waste Large Large Large
Standard Residential $24.03 $26.15 $30.16
Senior Rates $19.08 $20.77 $23.95
Mobile Home Rates $19.50 $19.95 $23.51


Alliled Waste also provides additional services which include the pick-up of additional garbage cans/bags and special pick-ups. These services are provided for an additional fee and must be arranged in advance. Contact Allied Waste for more information.

SERVICE INTERRUPTION: If you are out of town for a minimum of a month and a maximum of two (2) months, you may request to have your service interrupted during this time. Please contact Allied Waste at (209) 466-3604 to make arrangements. If you will be gone longer than 2 months, you may still request to have your service interrupted but additional information may be required.

CURBSIDE: Wheel all carts to the curb or road edge with the wheels against the curb/road by 5:00 am on your regular collection day. Place carts in a visible location at least 2 feet apart, away from mailboxes, trees, and parked cars.

WEEKLY: Your carts are emptied on the same day - on your regular scheduled collection day, but not by the same truck. For health and safety reasons, residents are required to set out the brown garbage cart each week. If convenient for you, you may choose to set out your blue recycling and green yard waste cart only when FULL, which might not be every week.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: Allied Waste Service is (209) 466-3604. If you have extra recycling or yard waste you will need to call before 3 pm the day prior to your refuse day to request to have this picked up. This service is free. If your garbage was missed or the carts were damaged or are missing, please call Allied Waste. If you need to start or stop service or have questions regarding billing or rates you will need to call Allied Waste.

SERVICE CHANGE: please call Allied Waste at 466-3604 to start, stop, or change your level of service. Please note: We request two (2) weeks notice for all service changes. Service and rate adjustments will appear on your following bill. Allied Waste will make the necessary cart exchanges.

If you have more household garbage than will fit inside your cart please call Allied Waste, 466-3604, to request an extra service pick-up, for which there is a fee.

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Allied Waste service crews observe two holidays a year, Christmas and New Years Day. If your collection day falls on one of these holidays, or late in the week of that holiday, service will be one day late the rest of the week. All other holidays throughout the year will have regular scheduled services. Also, two weeks following Christmas you may put your wrapping paper out in a separate garbage bag and place it next to your garbage container and it will be picked up.

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