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Dogs and cats can suffer from the same problems that humans do--overheating, dehydration and even sunburn--when the mercury rises. By taking a few simple precautions, you can keep your animal companions happy and healthy in hot weather:

  • Exercise your dog in the early morning or evening--never when it's especially hot or humid. Take care not to let your dog stand on hot asphalt, as his sensitive paw pads can easily burn.

  • Provide plenty of shade and cool, fresh water for animals kept outdoors, but bring your cat or dog inside during the hottest part of the day, and let him rest in a cool part of the house.

  • Never leave your animal alone in a vehicle. Overheating can be fatal. Even with Petsthe doors open, a parked automobile can quickly become a furnace.
  • Some animals need extra special care in hot weather, especially those who are elderly and overweight or have heart or lung disease. Breeds of dogs with short muzzles, including Pugs, Bulldogs, Lhasa Apsos and Shih Tzus, also need extra attention on hot days. If your pet is showing signs of exhaustion or heat stroke, such as rapid breathing and heart rate, panting, vomiting or warm, dry skin, take him to your veterinarian

    If you'll be flying with your animal companion this summer season--and if your pet Travelmust travel in the cargo hold--please take the following precautions:

  • Visit the vet and make sure your pet is "good to go." Fido will need a check-up and up-to-date vaccinations. Obtain a health certificate from your vet within 10 days of departure.

  • Check with you airline or the FAA for regulations on pet travel.

  • Purchase a USDA-approved shipping crate that's large enough for your pet to stand in and change position. Line the bottom with shredded paper towels and write the words "LIVE ANIMAL" in letters at least one inch high on the top and sides of the crate. Tape your destination information along with a photo of your pet to the top of the crate. This can be a lifesaver should your pet escape from the carrier.

  • Your pet will be wearing a collar and ID tag, right? Good! Don't forget to include the address and telephone number of your destination on the tag.

  • Prior to the trip, freeze water in a sturdy bowl for your pet. This way, it won't spill during loading and will have melted by the time she gets thirsty. Tape a small cloth pouch of dry food outside the crate, enabling airline personnel to feed her on long-distance flights or layovers.

Lathrop animals, many of our surrounding cities and animals all across the USA are posted on this site.

Please visit it and tell a friend. There are many homeless animals looking for a new and better life.

Did you know
Lathrop senior citizens are eligible for one free dog license per household? Please ask about it when you renew!

Lathrop Animal Services: (209) 941-7240

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